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Rental Instruments

Whether you are a new student, an intermediate, or the professional, we offer a wide spectrum of finely crafted instruments. View our collection of Violins, Violas, and Cello's that are available for rent today.


New & Used Instruments

Visit the shop today to choose from a carefully selected collection of new and vintage Violins, Violas, and Cellos. Each instrument receives a professional set up for it’s best sound and appearance. We offer a wide array of instruments for all skill levels and styles of play. More Info

Repairs & Restorations

We’re happy to apply our extensive experience to restoring or repairing your instrument back to it’s finest sound and appearance.  Our team has several decades of experience handling top end instruments. Rest assured that your violin is in professional care with our services. More Info

Bow Re-hairing & Repair

Laurie Moore has been rehairing bows in our shop for over three decades.  Laurie’s services are renowned throughout the area for precision and high quality craftsmanship. Contact the shop today to book an appointment to have your bow re-haired, appraised, or repaired. More Info

Instrument Rentals

We offer a quality spectrum of rental Violins, Violas, and Cellos.  Our rental collection features standard sizes and each instrument is professionally set up before leaving the shop. If you like your rental instrument and decide to purchase it, the first six months of rent may be applied to purchase.  Please inquire today. More Info

We Carry Magic Rosin!

A Trusted Partnership with Education

We’ve teamed up with many teachers, schools, and professors in the greater North Bay Area to provide students with quality instruments for all skill levels. We strive to provide nothing but excellence for our students & teachers alike.

Written & Verbal Appraisals

We see many instruments come through the shop.  Utilizing our expertise for providing written & verbal appraisals is a service that we’re pleased to offer for our patrons.  Our fee’s are very affordable and the process is quick & easy.  Call or stop by today to schedule an appointment to have your instrument appraised.

Specializing in Fiddles

For the Violin students and professionals, it’s clear that Fiddlers and their instruments stand in a category of their own.  As a jazz violinist and fiddler playing blues, rock and country, Mick is always looking for that elusive fiddle sound. He strives to have a selection of fiddles with that dark, deep, rich smooth sound  and easy response that fiddlers prefer.

Are You a Teacher or Professional?

We’re in the process of cultivating a database for all of the local teachers and professionals capable of providing violin lessons in the greater North Bay Area of California.  Simply leave us your information in the contact form and we’ll be pleased to list your services – currently free of charge!

A Reputation of Quality & Craftsmanship

With a small operation, there’s a reason we’ve been in business for over 30 years.  Simply put, we care about our work, and we care even more about our clients.  Our craftsmanship has earned the reputation for being precise and delicate, insuring that your instrument is given the finest care possible, whether its for restorations, repairs, appraisals, bow-work, and much more.

More Than Instruments

In addition to our library of instruments for sale and rent, we offer all the accessories necessary for musicians. Strings, cases, books, bow resin, and much more can be found inside the shop to insure that all of your instrument needs are met.